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Rossides Golf Equipment
New Hope Schools


Tel +357-22-494820
Fax +357-22-427928

P.O.Box 28767
2082, Nicosia

General Information
Customer Support


Group Profile

Rossides Group of Companies founded in 1990 and currently encompasses a portfolio of five major divisions in fields as diverse as the New Hope Special School, for children with learning difficulties to the internationally acclaimed dyslexia remediation method LiFLeXiA© and to the import/distribution and e-store for the golf enthusiast Rossides Golf Equipment..

Company Portfolio

New Hope Private Special School
New Hope Tutorial School
New Hope Educational Assessment Center 
Rossides Golf Equipment Ltd

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About our companies

New Hope Special School
The first private fully recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture special school in Cyprus.

New Hope Tutorial School
The school is registered with the British Dyslexia Association as well as CReSTeD.

New Hope Educational Assessment Centre
For all levels of educational assessments using the latest educational/psychological assessment tools.

A revolutionary new method of teaching dyslexic children using light flowing characters, first introduced at the World Conference for Dyslexia at York, UK.

Rossides Golf Equipment Ltd
Import, distribution and retail of premium brand golf equipment in the markets of Cyprus, Greece and the Middle East.


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